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Our Clients

The Beauty Society

The Beauty Society is the first concept clinic ever to be created. The clinic is segmented into Dentistry, Skin Health and Skin Management, Non-Surgical Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Health and Nutrition, Beauty, Image, and Hair. The visionary is Dr. Peter Ilori and KT Solutions was hired in 2006 to advise on strategies and tactics for the new initiative. There are four locations including a medi-spa providing minor day surgery.



Juvea Aesthetics

Juvea Aesthetic is a London based clinic located on 1 Harley Street. This is a multidisciplinary clinic with a completely different vision to The Beauty Society. The surgeon wants to focus on just skin care, non-surgical treatment and dermatology. KT Solutions assisted on vision, exposure marketing tactics, training, staff selection, staff training, web development, brochure design, staff -training protocols, internal marketing and HR solutions.



Wimpole Aesthetics

This was a change management initiative where we provided recommendations on how to increase sales in an existing clinic. We created training programs, provided selling strategies, improve marketing tactics and work with management team on ways to increase admin and sales efficiencies.




The venture capitalists, James Hull Group, wanted business expertise on developing a successful clinic for resale. We were able to negotiate a deal with Isolagen Inc to make us the premier supplier of this treatment, which generated such great revenue that the clinic reached million dollar status in year one; ultimately, making it so attractive that it was purchased by James Hull Group in its 3rd year.


90 Harley

90 Harley is the most prestigious specialist dental practice on Harley Street. We were hired in 2008 to assess the practice and make recommendations on how to increase; new patient booking, patient retention, payment protocols, staff improvement, customer service and change management. We spearheaded collection of outstanding receivables, telephone management, customer service and collecting money on the day from prestige clients. We also facilitated the selection of a business manager who is now executing the remaining tactics.



The Rejuvenation Clinic

New start up with similar objectives as Juvea Aesthetics



Inspire Dental

New Start UP



Ridgeway Medi-Spa

Integrating medical aesthetic with dentistry and chiropractic



Rejuvadent Medi Spa

-Integrating medical aesthetics with dentistry


Mr. Adrian Richards

Change Management


St. Anns Dental

Integrating Medical Aesthetics with dentistry