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Aesthetics Marketing

Aesthetic Marketing

Marketing for a medical aesthetic clinic is a specialist arena. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not the dominant force to get noticed in this industry. The service is personal and very few customers will view a site and gain confidence in the wording to pick up the phone and call the clinic. Even if this occurs, clients may speak to an untrained receptionist who may lose the potential sale or a poor consultation can also lose the sale defeating the effectiveness of SEO. A clinic has to engage in a more robust marketing strategy and in this case one needs a specialist for the job.

Exposure Marketing Services

Exposure marketing tactics needs a professional with a strong sales and networking background to execute the recommended activities discussed in our business course. Most practices do not have skilled employees who can execute these recommendations with precision, and it is too costly for a small medical aesthetic clinic to employ a dedicated marketer. Should a clinic require an outside marketer to target high profile synergetic businesses to tap into their database and to discuss referral opportunities, KT Solutions offers skilled marketers for a daily fee or for a percentage of the revenue earned from booked treatments. The latter only apply to specialists providing high ticket procedures.

This service is extremely valuable to Plastic Surgeons, Private Dentists, and large clinics that wish to increase revenue, but do not have the expertise to grow their business through networking and target marketing.

This service provides superior results to web optimization and advertising since these exposure tactics are old, expensive, non-responsive and non-targeted.

The KT Group has a base of over 2000 non-surgical clinicians who will willingly send qualified referrals to specialists.

Please call our office at 01793 323786 to speak to a business consultant.



We will look at local market demographics and recommend the ideal procedures to sell.

We will provide a list of strategic partners who are servicing the targeted market you aim to reach.

We will contact these businesses and negotiate on behalf of your clinic to share data and to promote your services to the strategic partner’s data base.

The more strategic partners you have the more effective you will be at reaching new targeted customers at a fraction of the cost of advertising and SEO. Referred customers from a trusted partner will generate more profit to the practice than internet customers.

£200/day or £600/month

Your firm will benefit from increased sales without hiring an in house sales expert.