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Clinic Start-up

Congratulations on deciding to enter the medical aesthetics industry! It can seem daunting and there is not a lot of help available! We are glad to say that you can enter the industry with a base of knowledge and access to all the information you will need to get started all in your own home! Our courses are either offered in a webinar format or on a one to one basis. The Business Management Courses offered by KT Solutions are a great way for a clinic owner to get information on the industry or to train their staff in the most valuable and cost effective way! For the more aggressive business person, our consulting packages offer the most cost effective way to set up your clinic to be competitive, profitable and sustainable.
Current Webinars
The Salon Program £50.00
2-3 hours

This session is going to be for the newly trained medical aesthetic practitioner that does not yet have a refined plan for putting their skills to use. In two to three hours The Salon Program Webinar will provide the delegate with the fundamental skills they will require to find a venue to build their business, prepare for their negotiation and to seal the deal with the salon owner. Moreover, this webinar will also explain all the aspects that the new business owner will have to address to make sure their new business arrangement is profitable and worth their time. This webinar is practical, easy to follow and interactive. Delegate will get the chance to participate, ask questions, and participate. This course will show you how to navigate yourself to sustainable business success after training.

Future Webinars

How to Develop a Cosmetic Business Plan (Financial & Marketing Forecast) £50.00 2-3 hours

The medical aesthetics industry is unique and growing and unfortunately, because it is so easy to enter, not many plan before starting their commercial enterprise. This is a mistake because it can lead to lost money, time and energy, not to mention being turned off of an industry that can be quite lucrative with little effort. Tune into this lesson to learn about an easy to use business plan that will guide you to meet your financial and business goals every single day.

Target Marketing £50.00 2-3 hours

The medical aesthetic customer base is made up of all different type of people with different needs and different lifestyles; however, they are usually marketed to in exactly the same way. This is a missed opportunity to help the customer, differentiate yourself, and to make money. This webinar will help you to break down the demographics in your local area and show you how to align your product offering to the newly found market segments. Once you know how to market to these segments, you will find it easier to get them to come to you. Understanding target marketing is one the best way to develop a lifelong customer base.

How to Develop Strategic Relationships £50.00 2-3 hours

Dinner and movie packages are one of the best examples of business strategic relationships in action. The only things standing in the way of creating strategic relationships with complementary businesses is knowledge, understanding, and sometimes, fear. We can combat these issues and tell you what strategic relationships you can cultivate in your local area. These relationships are one of the greatest ways to get new customers without spending money. Who needs costly ad campaigns when you can utilize focused strategic relationship to gain and keep new patients?

One to One Business Management Day Training £300.00

A) Business Management Training Day
The medical aesthetic industry is competitive with little or no differentiation. To succeed in such a tough industry, it is important to know how to structure the business from the onset. Poor strategy and tactics are similar to an incorrect map. You are not going to get to your intended destination and you would have wasted time and money. This course will teach practice managers and principals the methodology of developing a marketing centric business with a high profitability and loyal customers. What is best about this course is that you can take it in the comfort of your own home or office! We are offering it as an interactive one to one session where strategy to enter or to expand in your area will be covered. Contact us in the office for more details!
Procedure Selection

  • Target Marketing and Micro Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Local Market Research

Customer Relationship Management

  • Value Added Services which strengthen customer loyalty

Exposure Marketing

  • Internal Marketing
  • Creating a Marketing Plan with Timelines
  • Creating a Marketing Budget

Staff Development

  • Staff Selection
  • Web Enquires Etiquette
  • Answering Technical Questions Etiquette
  • How to Interview

System and Processes

  • HR Issues
  • Technical Training
  • Operational Training
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Greeting Etiquette
  • Consultation Etiquette
  • Follow up Etiquette

B) Bespoke Management Consulting Services – Entire Package £1,950

This program will be for the new or established business owner who understands that structured growth is the best way to establish a business. The full package will give the business owner a clear understanding of their customer, how to service them, and how to meet their financial goals. If there are only some items of this package that seem appealing, we may be able to customize a package for your unique needs.



Section One


Company Audit (Online or By Post)


Company Audit (In Person)

£300.00 optional

Strategic Analysis

Part of package

Competitive Analysis

Part of package

Demographic Report

Part of package

Mission/Vision Statement

Part of package

Section Two


Customer Service Improvements

Part of package

Staff Selection and Retraining Recommendations

Part of package

Telephone, Consultation and Operational Processes

Part of package

Review of CRM Processes

Part of package

Section Three


Creation of the Marketing Plan

Part of package

Creation of the Financial Plan

Part of package

Seminar Presentation

Part of package

Referral Programs

Part of package

Call to Action Promotion Pieces

Part of package

Presentation Training

Part of package

Salon Business Structure

Part of package