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Demand for Cosmetic Procedures

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The medical industry, private or NHS, is a monopoly business and patients will pay a high price to see a doctor depending on the level of their discomfort. Also, patients can choose to improve their NHS service by purchasing private insurance which covers them for the high cost of private medicine.
The Medical Aesthetics industry is a commercial and highly competitive industry and patient cannot purchase insurance to cover the cost of their aesthetic needs. Rightfully so, patients demanding medical aesthetic services behave like consumers and will search for providers of cost effective medical aesthetic treatments since it is elective and is an expensive service.
While the demand for cosmetic procedures is rising, the client’s expectations are high and only skilled clinicians with thorough business skills will sustain a profitable cosmetic practice.

Similar to the hair and beauty industry, the medical cosmetic industry is full of inexperienced suppliers with few skilled artists providing superior diagnostic and technical skill. Those with these skills are top earners; earning an average of £600/hour while their support