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There are many advantages as to why dentists should add medical aesthetics as part of their services. Dentists usually have the advantage of a practice that ends up reducing the start-up cost of creating a non-surgical business from scratch. Dentists are great injectors and work with the face daily, a transferable skill which will add to achieving success quickly.

KT Solutions understands that dentists work on high profitability per hour, so we provide bespoke solutions to help the dentist achieve success without compromising his/her present income potential. The key is not to provide all the non-surgical treatments, but delegate to hygienists or beauty therapists with the dentist providing only the high profit procedures, if they wish to do so. Through our work with dentists, we have created some of the largest and most successful non-surgical clinics in the United Kingdom. At KT Solutions we will assess the entire clinic and its present staff members and make a recommendation on how to integrate medical aesthetics into the practice with minimal investment.

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