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Botox Training Timetable Botox Training

We Train Doctors


Physicians have the qualifications and core skill sets to attend training in medical aesthetics procedures and provide cosmetic treatments such as botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

The medical aesthetic market is ideal for doctors and General Practitioners who are lateral thinkers and whose work is more general and less specialized. Non-surgical medicine is a multi-disciplinary industry and requires expertise in multiple treatments to achieve the best treatment results. Medical professionals who have a more holistic approach to treating the individual will adapt more easily to the multi-disciplinary concept of medical aesthetics. GPs also have transferable skills which are value added services and can be marketed to the client to create brand differentiation.

As consultants we understand how to package the transferable skills of doctors and GPs with medical aesthetics to create differentiation and a unique USP.

The value added business solutions we provide are unmatched by competitors because they do not understand how to market medical aesthetic treatments to segmented markets.

In addition to strategic and tactical solutions, KT Solutions will provide additional start-up resources including: Medical Documents-consent forms, medical histories, post care forms, treatment mapping forms, patient information leaflets, The Salon Program® and more.

Our Design and Consulting Division provides additional resources for GPs and doctors who may have an existing business or wish to exit the NHS immediately to develop their non-surgical division. In this case, we will help the individual to assess their local market to identify if the business is sustainable and we will also provide strategic and tactical solutions to achieve financial objectives.

Cosmetic Business Courses for Doctors and Staff

We also offer a range of courses for staff including introduction to the cosmetic practice for new staff who need to understand your cosmetic business and the procedures you provide.

This course can completed online at any time convenient for you or your staff.

The 1 day customer retention course will also ensure your staff provide the best customer service experience for your clients.

A possible models is the one shown below and we are available to discuss the range of business structures which will ensure long term sustainable and profitability of the practice.

Doctors Business Training