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Who Uses Our Services

Anyone can use the services of KT Solutions. The medical aesthetic market is the fastest growing industry in the world and enterprising individuals who lack market intelligence can hire the company for a fee to assess if their business skills are transferable and if they can manage a sustainable and profitable medical aesthetic business. There are many non-medical professionals who own successful medical aesthetic businesses and we have found that their transferable business skills were more of an advantage than their lack of knowledge of the treatments and of medicine. Our expertise in medical treatments is gained from our sister company, KT Training and we can recommend key medical professionals who can work for your clinic.

Technical Knowledge and technical skills are only a minor factor in achieving success in such a competitive business that caters mainly to females. The expertise in marketing enhancement procedures to female is a specialist skill and few are specialist in this area.

KT Solutions has been involved in medical aesthetic marketing for over 20 years we know how to write differentiated scripts to attract a female audience. Our use of YouTube audio visuals, attractive call to action scripts, imagery selection, selective words that create an emotional response are unique skills no other company has.

International Academy of Medical Aestheticians

It is very difficult to senior medical professionals with high average income to enter the medical aesthetic market even though they might possess superior technical skills. This industry is competitive and high income earners will have to work for less and invest a lot of time and effort to make the business a success. While surgeons and doctors may choose to only provide Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments to their existing patients, this strategy will not amount to success. The clinic needs to provide the full range of enhancement services with low revenue procedures being handed over to a skilled medical aesthetician. This strategy works for everyone who can earn alternative income when the business is in its growth phase. It is best to have a support therapist who is skilled in skin treatments managing and upselling higher priced procedures to the high income earner.

The International Academy of Medical Aestheticians was developed to help all medical professional leverage their time effectively by delegating important but less profitable procedures to subordinates trained to consult, provide medical treatments, and manage the clinic. This is the way forward for senior medical professionals to develop an exit strategy without compromising present income and quality of life.

To find out more on this exciting program please click on the link www.iama.org.uk